Top Most Experienced Faculties of Bansal Classes Kota are Now in Eduwave with Best Student Feedback.
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  About Eduwave

Never before has so much trust been placed on, so many expectations centered on and so much hopes imbrued on one single idea, as on Eduwave. It would be pretty obvious to get weighed down by the trio just mentioned, however, we believe that the very existence of such positive attributes reinforces our inherent strengths, pushes us closer in setting new mileposts and fortifies our passion in shaping careers.

The idea of Eduwave got conceptualized and took shape when a group of the most prominent faculty members, from amongst the best institutes in India, in the field of IIT JEE; came together to establish new benchmarks in the way education is imparted. In the very first year of its journey, Eduwave has inched closer to prove its mettle via generating astounding enthusiasm among the ‘Education Diaspora’ in the academic session of 2013-14.

Our esteemed ‘faculty members’ posses an average experience of more than nine years in tutoring and mentoring all hues of brains from across the length & breadth of the country.

What further solidifies our position as a name to reckon with, in IIT JEE preparation is that, our faculty members to their credit, have an impeccable accolade of more than twenty five thousand (25,000) cumulative selections in IIT.

The certitude and credence placed by parents and students from all across the country, in our abilities, has been one of our most distinguished accomplishments. Needless to say, every bit of our efforts have been systematically aligned with the shared belief of Eduwave and its stakeholders, i.e. to help more & more students garner flying colors in their careers and to make their parents keep their head held high in exultation.

Our Approach to Excellence

(Broad parameters to consider for entrusting an institution with the task of helping you shape your career)

The broad parameters to consider while choosing any institution that will guide you, be a companion and facilitate the realization of your dreams in any walk of life can be summed up as the Strong Knowledge Base, Passion, Pedagogy, Experience, Efficient Systems, the Attitude and Concordance or Oneness with your Goal.

  • As far as the Strong Knowledge Base is concerned, we firmly claim that we have one of India’s most formidable combinations in terms of the requisite level. Our faculty members are the ones who themselves had garnered tremendous success in cracking the entrance exams for country’s most prominent institutions. This ensures that they have the requisite theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of the related facets, which would prove immensely useful for the students.
  • Our Passion for meticulous focus on mentoring can be gauged from the fact that we at Eduwave always maintain student strength of not more than hundred students per class so as to evenly focus on each and every student, i.e. we emphatically disregard the pecuniary aspects unlike most other institutions, when confronted with the choice between targeted tutoring versus cornering more & more students to seize monetary benefits. The convention, nowadays, in most of places is that the numeric strength of students in all the classes varies from 250 to 300, however, in our point of view, with strength like this, neither there can be any focus on specific students nor any justice can be done with their dreams. Therefore, we have decided to strictly follow this rule of limiting the number of students in, all of the classes.
  • In terms of Pedagogy, we take the help of state of the art tools & techniques to impart maximum conceptual clarity to the students. As is evident, a building is only as strong as its foundation; however, it’s also true that it is the building structure that entices the world. Translating the same into our teaching philosophy, we go to great lengths to make sure that the basic concepts & the fundamentals of our students become par excellence, the higher knowledge they attain is impeccable and the integration between the two is spot on, so as to enable the students to solve complex problems seamlessly.
  • In addition, we denounce the prevalent mechanical process of teaching wherein there is one experienced faculty member who delivers the lecture and other inexperienced members are made available for clearing doubts, if any. Eduwave ensures that the same or comparably experienced & knowledgeable faculty member is there, to assist the students in their clarifications.
  • In terms of Systemic Efficiency, every bit of our efforts have been systematically aligned with the shared belief of Eduwave and its stakeholders, i.e. to help more & more students garner flying colors in their careers. Distinct departments have been created to cater to various queries of students, parents or their mentors and the proper mechanisms have been devised to ensure the satisfactory resolution of such queries.
  • In today’s world, arguably, Attitude is the single most important differentiator between success and failure. The most important fact that can safely be overemphasized is the role of attitude in one’s success. Positive thinking or approach, the exact vision of attaining your desired result and keeping the negative feelings or pressure at bay are perhaps the only constant attributes of any successful personality. It’s pretty obvious that people feel physically and mentally charged up when they have had an excellent time and affirmative experiences during the day.
  • It is the positive attitude that makes sure that one does not neglect, dismisses or defers problems for the future rather approaches it from an optimistic point of view in the present.
  • Such an attitude is all the more imperative when someone temporarily ventures away from his family or friends for the preparation for his advanced studies. We also ensure that cross cultural differences does not pose a point of contention in the minds of our students and help them to adapt to the environs via individualized sessions, so that they can concentrate wholly on their desired task.
  • The Oneness with Goal is the maxim which, if followed, would invariably lead to the opening of the door of success. The intermediate goal of the students opting for technical subjects is to secure their presence in the best of the institutes of India. Who can be more in unison with such a goal than our faculty members who themselves are the product of such institutes like IITs and other best educational institutions of India. Eduwave claims to have the best of the faculties from very such places of repute that can further augment the moral and make the journey of students smoother in cracking the entrance to such institutes.