Top Most Experienced Faculties of Bansal Classes Kota are Now in Eduwave with Best Student Feedback.
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  FAQ for Eduwave
  Why EduWave?
1. For right guidelines,
2. For best faculty,.
3. For healthy environment,
4. For assurance,
5. For course completion on time,
6. For “The Best Factor” and that’s why “EDUWAVE”.
  Why Kota? What is the study scenario in kota ?
  Kota is the place that is a hub for the pupils who are aiming for IIT/AIEEE. The environment is different here. The crowd here is for the coaching. The students here get to know their aim more. A good and tough competition can be found here.
  How s/he would cope up with academic class for XI or XII?
  We are having best faculties. Keeping all this in mind we have planned for our academic session. It will move as both 11th and 12th + JEE MAIN + JEE ADVANCED. We will train and teach in a pattern so that student can cope up easily and confidently.
   How can we obtain application form?
1. By Visiting Our Office:  you can visit our Kota office & obtain the application form for Rs. 1000/-
2. By Post: Send demand draft of any nationalized bank of Rs. 1000/- in favor of "Eduwave Pvt. Ltd.", payable at Kota (Raj). Write your name, father's name, address, contact number, course applied for & class in which studying on the back side of Demand Draft).
  What special Eduwave do for daily practice of students?
  Daily Practice Questions (DPQ). It is the incomparable innovation of Eduwave that muscularly assists students strengthens their topics on daily basis. We also give home work and check the students’ copies on daily basis.
  By what time you will finish the course?
  Courses for class 12th or 12th pass students will be finished by last of January 2015 and after that we will focus on revision of students
  What will be the schedule for classes?
  There will be three classes per day each class will be of 1.30 Hour. Between every two regular classes there will be 15 minutes of break. Every alternate Sunday will be test.
  Can you brief something about faculties?
  Our all the Faculties are Ex. Sr. Bansal Faculties they are highly qualified and most experienced in the town.
  Do you have your own hostels? Do you provide support to find hostels? You have any tie-ups?
  No we do not. Yes we do. Yes we do assist for hostels both for boys and girls. All the facilities are available in budget both AC and non-AC near the campus itself.
  Lump sum idea of Lodging & Boarding charges and other overheads?
  That will depend on the facilities the student will avail. As non-AC hostels are for 6500-8000/- at walking distance from the campus.
  How it is different from coaching institutes in other cities?
  Sir/Madam, the best thing in us is the faculty and the trust and hard work that make us unique from others.
  Why not other institutes in Kota, they also have best faculty?
  The best is here. Else everyone will say we are best. But the person who is truly best will not speak. What speaks is their result and we are that and will always be in future too. We can’t say anything else for the rest of the institutes but assure you about our institute and the faculties. Faculties are the best and that goes without saying. The faculties are in this field from last 15-16 years and experience counts.
  What is so special about your faculties/who they are?
  The faculties are “The Best”. The ones highly qualified and experience holders. They have been training and teaching for past 15-16 years. They all are from Bansal and Vibrant Academy.
Q.14   What about the stability of your faculties? It’s a major concern to us.
Ans.   Sir the management is not in one hand. When one enters into a business he/she will never drop. But will always work hard and strive for the betterment and success of it. The same is here. When we know about the loops at bother places why let such things happen here. As end of the day what matters is the cheque one carries and amount filled in it but yet we have left from there and come up with a new vision for a change which is missing in today’s scenario.
Q.15   How you keep your faculty up to date and motivated?
Ans.   We have planned for an academic calendar through which we and our faculties are kept up-to-date, as prior information is always given to all faculties. The faculties are always welcome with their views.
Q.16   What are your past results?
Ans.   The results given by Bansal in previous years were given by our team. So it goes without saying about the results.
Q.17   You did well in the past, what about present? Bansal is iconic and different.
Ans.   We always dream and aim for high. The results given in the previous years were good. But as now in today’s time we are aiming for “The Best” and we will achieve it as I have a belief in it.
Q.18   What is unique about you?
Ans.   The factor that makes us unique and different from others is our team, trust, vision and the elite team members.
Q.19   Do you guarantee IIT entrance exam clearance?
Ans.   If the student is hard working and has the zeal to crack and achieve it, then we are here to make his dream come true.
Q.20   How about security of our children?
Ans.   The security of children is of course taken care of, as we are here not only for earning but for marking ourselves in all aspects for our students. For this we have a separate SW (Student Welfare) cell which is active throughout the session and is designed especially for our students keeping their security in mind.
Q.21   What is the Admission procedure?
Ans.   Please visit relevant courses in the course section for the admission procedure.
Q.22   Are you sure that you will teach XI and XII so that s/he secures necessary percentage?
Ans.   Yes sir, all the commitment made will be fulfilled. For this we have specially designed workbooks for the XI and XII students which will cover only CBSE NCERT. Engineering Classes will be held and even labs will be provided for the practical.
Q.23   Fee is really high?
Ans.   No sir, you think so but it is not so, as you will opted for individual classes for CBSE – NCERT money i.e. for nearly 20000 – 25000/-; English classes to be opted, time separately wanted for all and no self revision time saved. No time left for practical’s & if going for it class timing & class timing because of which no time for your individual classes hence left in confusion, time wastage left in tension, now what to do & what no ? So, here you will get all this with extra case & attention under one roof.
Q.24   I am worried about my daughter’s admission, she is meritorious but I have apprehensions? How safe she would be?
Ans.   We can understand your feelings being a parent but you need not worry as we are having separated SWM cell which …. Active for 24 × 7 for all such queries and there is a female coordinator too with whom the girls can share their worries and will get a proper & positive satisfactory response.
Q.25   Can we know about progress on weekly basis?
Ans.         We are coming up with a facility in which the parent can easily check the status of their ward in terms of performance and attendance. If required we will be giving all information through message/calls and if the parents want to meet the faculties they can after taking time as the faculties are busy with classes.
Q.26   Will you inform if s/he is bunking the class?
Ans.   Yes, we are coming up with a biometric system of attendance which will on the everyday let your know when has your ward entered the institute and when leaving so that you can question them why he/she was late etc. We will even be making a call for informing about the student if he/she is absent without any valid and prior information.
Q.27   If s/he is not comfortable would you refund the fees?
Ans.   The refund of for criteria is with 2 weeks from the admission date, for more information please check out our brochure.
Q.28   Can s/he have extra support?
Ans.   Yes, there is no question for asking or doubting, we ourselves will be providing extra support and proper guidance and efforts on the student.
Q.29   What is the eligibility criterion for scholarship?
Ans.   Scholarship criterion mentioned in the course section on our website/brochure.
Q.30   What happens when s/he is ill?
Ans.   If any student is ill they can call our student welfare cell. Once the student is fit backup classes are arranged to cover up the missing syllabus.
Q.31   S/he is not good in studies now, but we know the potential, we do not have enough funding resources, would you consider for discount in fees?
Ans.   Yes, we have a proper procedure to it. After checking to the potential of the student we will consider and help the student to our best.
Q.32   How s/he could make up for a class if at all missed inevitably?
Ans.   No worries sir/madam’s as we will provide extra classes for the student so that he/she can cope up with the lessons /lectures. All this will be taken care by Eduwave.
Q.33   Can revision be possible on frequent basis?
Ans.   No, if student has any doubts they can ask with our faculties any time. Also backup classes are arranged in which student can participate that will help student in revising the syllabus.
Q.34   Are there doubt removal sessions?
Ans.   Yes, we arrange for special doubt removal classes.
Q.35   Is one to one problem solving possible?
Ans.   Yes, in doubt removal class we do solve doubt in this manner only.
Q.36   Will periodic tests would be conducted for students?
Ans.   Tests would be there as even we want to know about the performance of our students. CAT (Concept Application Test) would be the surprise test for our students.
Q.37   Do you have separate batch for outperforming students?
Ans.   Yes we do. We will work on them according to their caliber so as to enhance their performances more and make them achieve their target with a good rank.
Q.38   What about practical labs?
Ans.   Yes, we will provide practical labs to our students for practical.
Q.39   What about practical labs?
Ans.   Yes, we will provide practical labs to our students for practical.
Q.40   We have heard that there is discrimination between excellent and above average students in terms of assigning the faculties. Is it true?
Ans.   No, such discrimination is not there between the excellent and average student. It’s only that the students are differentiated on the basis of their IQ level so as we can work accordingly on them. The faculties will be the same.
Q.41   What do you do to enhance confidence?
Ans.   Various motivational seminars are held and proper counseling sessions are provided. Apart from this the faculties during their classes guide the students and develop positive and comfortable atmosphere for them.
Q.42   Whom s/he approach if there are problem with faculty, administration or any other issues? Would it be addressed fairly and secretly?
Ans.   The student is always welcomed to us with such issues & we make sure that it will kept as a secret and the student will get a proper response from our side. For this we are having a student welfare cell and a female coordinator also. If not so than student can come/go to the faculty also who he/she is comfortable with and discuss their problems without any fear or hesitation.
Q.43   If due to some reasons you cannot complete the course within stipulated time frame then what?
Ans.   Sir/Ma’am no such issues will be there.
Q.45   Do we have to pay extra for uniform, ID cards, bags and other accessories?
Ans.   No, but in case of ID-Card misplacement the student needs to pay amount of Rs 100/- and a new ID-Card will be issued.
Q.46   Is there any 24X7 help numbers available?
Ans.   Yes, we do have.
Q.47   One of my relative called your office and the information given to them was different? Which is true?
Ans.   Sir we have a policy for communication and as per the same we share the same data with every parent/student. In case, you are reporting such an issue we have a provision to re-check the same. Sometimes, difference in query may result in sharing different set of information and that may lead to this kind of issue.
Q.48   Your counselors can’t communicate properly in English, we are not good at Hindi?
Ans.   Sir you can talk to any of the faculty / any other relevant person who can communicate you in proper English. You can ask them to make you talk to the relevant person knowing proper English.
Q.49   We want Study material only, what formats are available with you?
Ans.   No, nothing of such type is provided right now. You need to seek admission and study here only than you’ll get the study material.
Q.50   Can you give us daily test papers by post?
Ans.   Yes we will if the student is of our institute and as we are here to help our students.
Q.51   Do you give us Tab? Laptops? Loaded with your electronic content.
Ans.   No
Q.52   Are mobile apps being developed by you for hammering revision? (Other content too)
Ans.   No
Q.53   Do you have online test series?
Ans.   Yes, please visit our website to access the same.
Q.54   Do you have residential school program?
Ans.   No
Q.55   Do you have short term crash courses?
Ans.   Yes, we do have but only for XII / XII pass students who are going to appear for JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCED exam.
Q.56   How do I get admission form today itself?
Ans.   For taking admission you can collect the Brochure and application form from Eduwave Pvt. Ltd, 46 Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Kota or you can download it from our website and dispatch it to Eduwave Pvt. Ltd. 46, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan – 324005 along with a DD of Rs 1000/- in favor Eduwave Pvt. Ltd. Kota.
Q.57   How to pay fees, we do not have BOB branch?
Ans.   No worries sir. You can go to your bank deduct a cheque and along with it punch a NEFT form in favor of Eduwave Pvt. Ltd., Kota and the fee will be transferred to Eduwave’s account directly.
Q.58   Can we apply online / fees too?
Ans.   No, sir we are not having such facility. You can transfer the amount in Eduwave Pvt. Ltd.’s account Bank Of Baroda.
Q.59   Are your batches over crowded?
Ans.   No, batches are of limited size.
Q.60   What are the documents required for filling the application form?
Ans.   No such documents are required apart from 2 passport size photographs and if the student’s father us serving in defense then an ID proof.
Q.61   Does this coaching helps in attempting other (than JEE / Advanced) entrance exams?
Ans.   No, right now we are here only for IIT / AIEEE coaching.
Q.62   Do you teach in both English and Hindi medium? If we want to change the medium in future then what is the procedure?
Ans.   Yes, we do. You can also change the medium but the best factor would be to opt for the medium in which you are comfortable with.
Q.63   Any recreational activities or places available for students? (All work & no play..makes..boy)
Ans.   Motivational seminars and proper counseling seminars are organized from time to time which helps students keep themselves energetic developing positive vibes.
Q.64   When you are starting new batches?
Ans.   New batches will depend on the course the student opts. As one batch for XI to XII moving has already commenced from 21st January and the later on 8th April. For further details please visit
Q.65   What will be the payment mode for fee?
Ans.   You can deposit Course Fee by making Demand Draft of requisite amount from any nationalized bank in favor of Eduwave Pvt. Ltd. , payable at Kota (Raj.)
Q.66   Will you teach student of English-Hindi Medium in the same batches?
Ans.   No, there will be separate batches for both the mediums.
Q.67   What will be the strength of a batch?
Ans.   At Eduwave we will make sure that a student gets individual attention by each faculty in the classroom itself. For that we have small size batches ranging between 100-120 students.
Q.68   Do you also keep classes late night or at odd time?
Ans.   No
Q.69    Will Eduwave assist students to manage compulsory subjects (English) of 11th & 12th class?
Ans.   Yes
Q.70   I am a Hindi medium student should I change my medium for JEE preparation?
Ans.   You must opt Hindi medium for JEE preparation as it will be held in Hindi also. If you opt English as a medium of your preparation, then during the first 2-3 months you will face a lot of problems due to change in the medium which will divert your focus. Instead of learning concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Maths, you will give most of your time and energy in learning English. And ultimately you may lose selection in these examinations.
Q.71   Will you provide accommodation to students?
Ans.   Our welfare department will assist student for lodging and boarding in Kota.
Q.72   Will you assist students by intimating them of various Pre-Engineering Exams?
Ans.   Yes we update students about various Pre-Engineering Exams and help students in filling their exam forms also.
Q.73   How you are different?
Ans.   The factor that makes us unique and different from others is our team, trust, vision and the elite team members.8th April. For further details please visit